I met a lady in the bathroom when I was on break at one of my gigs, and she is one of the most amazing people I've ever met. She is a true inspiration. She is my Guardian Angel.



I met a woman
I saw right through her
She saw into me
And my heart was blessed
Though little time is passed

She is my Guardian Angel
Even though she never died
I'm meant to know her
Perhaps just for a little while
My feelings are so strong
That I gleam with joy
In our lives our rain has fallen
And I'm sure there's more to come
But for now the clouds have lifted
I can clearly see we've just begun
Is this my miracle?

And now this woman
She knows me better
I see her sometimes
And she sees me through my life
She brought a sister
And then another
This goes on forever
The story never ends


I'm growing now, I'm sure I am
And she'll be there, she said she will
No one can tell me different
God has our souls


Is this my miracle?
Who is to know?
Doo doo doo