When the train rides along a maze of dominos close enough to touch, it's not a game
And they won't fall, you can't win this one, and it's far from entertaining
But the feel of the track can jumpstart your heart 'cause you know you'll get out
If you time it just right at the last glimpse of light, you'll get caught up in the moment
And remember how you felt when you were That Girl, and the city was all yours
Don't look away, 'cause it comes and goes too quickly, and if you pay too much mind
To the man with the bag, your moment will pass and you're left not knowing
Just how the clouds beam on this particular evening when the sun goes to shine for someone out west
The El to Manhattan is the ticket to my life
The train to New York is always on my side
The El to Manhattan, come take away my strife
Paradise is just a short ride
The river and all it's onlookers, the bridge to your destiny awaits you
Please, everyone turn on your lights at once so I can see my dream